CIA – Unhappy because covered journalists deliver too many opinions and a few pieces of information

Dozens of CIA agents have complained lately about the deplorable state of the press and say the covered journalists with whom they work have come to give them too many opinions and a few pieces of information.

“If we don’t find urgently good journalists, we will turn ourselves into the Central Opinion Agency… because that’s what we get. Comments and remarks about what president Trump said at Fox News. This is not press in the service of secret services… The true press in the service of secret services is different!” declared us under the protection of anonymity a CIA agent dressed in a tree.

Agents complain that they have not been reading a decent report for a long time, an investigation or at least an interview. For this reason, they feel less and less informed and fear that they will soon be no longer interested in the political realities in the country.

“It’s terrible what’s going on! Nothing is more dangerous for democracy than those people who are cheating on the elections to cheat on them unknowingly after they were manipulated by the news televisions,” the agent dressed in a tree told us again, explained that he was rushing because he has to meet an agent dressed in a dog that should be helped to piss.

SOURCE: Catavencii– adapted


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