The Ticket

In a train there was a well-known writer. When the inspector came for the tickets, the writer could not find his ticket.

“O.K.,” said the inspector. “I shall come in an hour.” But when he came, the writer could not find his ticket again.

“All right,” said the inspector, “I know you, because I’ve read your books. They are the most interesting books I have read in my life. I’m sure you have the ticket you are looking for.”

“But I must find the ticket,” answered the writer.”I have forgotten where I am going.”


The Horse Which Wouldn’t Drink Whisky

It was a cold autumn day. A traveller arrived at a small country inn. He felt tired and cold and wanted to warm himself near the fire. He left his horse in the yard and entered the inn. But when he entered the hall, he saw that there was no vacant seat near the fire.

Suddenly he had a brilliant idea. He turned to the landlord and said:

“Take some whisky and give it to my horse.”

“To your horse ?” asked the landlord, “But your horse will never drink whisky.”

“Do as I tell you,” said the traveller.

All the people, hearing this, at once ran out into the yard to see the horse which drinks whisky. When there was nobody in the room, the traveller sat down comfortably near the fire and warmed himself.

A few minute later the landlord returned and said:

“I was sure that your horse would not drink whisky.”

“Never mind,” said the traveller, “Give it to me, I shall drink it myself.”