DAILY JOKE – We Hire and Pay Well

  • Job Market:  Porn movie studio employs impotent for the role of the negative hero.
  • At an interview:

“And now if you have any questions about our company…”

“Well… I would like to know how many people work here ?”

“Usually about a quarter…”

  • At another interview:

“Are you married ?”


“We are sorry, but we need people who are used to be subordinate…”

  • Two businessmen are at a bar and talking about theirs.

“How are you doing ?”

“Worst of all !… And you ?”

“Very difficult !… The situation is terrible…”

“Do you pay the wages to the laborers in due time ?”

“No… for two months. But you still pay them ?”

“No way !… since February. But do your workers come to work ?”

“They come to the factory every morning and work. But what about yours ?”

“They also come.”

“Do you know something ? I have an idea… What if we charge them at the entrance ?”




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